Email Marketing: how to reach targeted buyers online

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One of the best
marketing strategies
recommended for any
online business
proffering or promoting
consumer products is
email marketing. There
are many email bulk
services on the internet.
The problem many
business have is building
good mailing lists. One
thing you must know is
that marketing your
business or marketing
your products to
targeted audience
depends wholly on the
type of products you
have to offer to
consumers out there.
Everyday, people search
the net for cheap and
latest consumer
products and other
related products online.
Even when you have
those products on your
website, yet visitors
don't make any purchase
on your website. Well,
the best way to know
what your customers
want is to assume
yourself to be a
customer and the type
of offers you would like.
Consumers or buyers
visit their emails daily to
look out for the latest
invention, digital
products, information,
news, consumer
products, etc. The
question is, do you have
any of the above to
offer to them? If you do
want to effectively
market your products
and services to such
buyers online, you must
perfect these two
parts: 1.) Subject of
the email 2.) Content of
the email
Subject Of The Email: if
this is convincing
enough, then the
customers will definitely
click to read the
content of the email to
what you have for them.
SUBJECT: (a) you must
be friendly and
interactive in your
presentation. (b) avoid
promotional terms. The
truth is that they know
you are promoting your
products and services to
them, but you are not to
make that obvious to
them. Most of these
customers have seen
even better products on
popular websites and
blogs, yet they bought
(c) always put them in
suspense. Put in them
the feeling of wanting
to read what is in the
content of your email.
Don't let the subject
tell it all. (d) if the
subject is promotional in
nature, it will be
considered by many to
be spam, and this may
cause them not to click
on your mail.
Content Of The Email:
your sales depend on it.
This content tells it all.
How they'll react to
your content will
determine how they will
react to your product.
DON'T: be too
promotional in your
explanation. BE:
realistic and natural in
your promotion.
Remember to put them in
little suspense, and
don't list all the best
products you have to
offer, else you will limit
yourself to your
customers. Only mention
in your email few quality
products. Give a
continuation to it by
referring them to your
website link in a friendly
manner for more info. If
your email content can
be explanatory enough,
yet brief; definitely,
you'll win them over to
yourself. It is as simple
as you think!

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  1. wow! you really exposed email marketing secrets. Nice blog post.


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