How To Format Your Nokia Symbian Phones

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This is one of the simplest tutorial I would have ever thought of sharing with you. Some months ago, I wanted to format my symbian phone, S60V2.6 and I had just 120kb of the remaining inbuilt memory. Funny enough, I had nothing stored in the phone memory, yet the nokia memory was automatically reducing. When I google the problem, nobody could really tell the cause. Anyway, we are not after the cause, but the solution. Simply follow the below tutorial and don't forget to share this with friends online using any of the above or below share buttons.


First turn off your mobile device and remove your SIM and memory card from the phone. It is important that you do just that, else you'll format your SIM and MMC. And this might cause you the lose of imperative info. After you must have switched off and remove the above as advised, you'll have to press and hold 3 key: green dial key, * star key and number 3 button (def3). Now, turn your device on while you are pressing the above 3 buttons. When you see "formatting..." Leave the 3 buttons (sometimes it might not show formatting as expected). Now, you can restart the phone without putting the previously removed SIM and MMC. Press *#7370# or *#7780# and select "yes" and use "12345" as your default lock code. You can now enjoy your phone again as if it was new. You just restored it to factory settings. *Note: If your lock code has been changed and you do not remember the new code, to retrieve your lock code, only dial *#06# and use the first 5 digits as the new code from the displayed serial numbers. Was the tutorial helpful? Please

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