How To Remove Recycler Virus In Your PC

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Regular malware is dangerous with the way it changes important files to a short-cut mostly in your pc external hard-disk. This will render your files useless to you. I have decided to write a tutorial today to help those whose computers have been invaded by mr. Recycler (virus). I could imagine the smile on your face right now.
NOTE: You should be on the look out or at alert for any strange malfunctioning of your files (i.e. If all your files refuse to open when clicked on) in any of your flash drive, external hard-disk and memory card (storage devices). If you notice the above, then, that guy (Recycler Malware) is present.

HOW CAN I REMOVE OR DELETE THE RECYCLER?just relax yourself, take a deep breath and watch as we deal with it.<p>Do you know that some devices will display alphabets like F, G, H and so on when the storage device is plugged? Now, plug that particular flash drive, hard disk or memory card into your pc usb port.
WAIT! Write down the alphabet that is displayed AND DO NOT CLICK TO OPEN "My Computer" TAB.Carefully follow the above explained process and when you are done with it, click the "Start" menu tab. In the provided box, just type the word "Run" and click to accept and proceed to the next step. Then type "cmd" in the newly provided box and click on Ok. A box or field will be provided for you to enter your command. Just type either attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:*.* or

attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:*.*

WAIT! Do not submit yet. Remember that I asked you earlier to write down the alphabet name that will be displayed when you plugged your storage device in the usb port. Now, replace your noted alphabet with the "X" in the first command, and if you used the second command, also replace the "G" with your noted alphabet (it all depends on the alphabet that was displayed).
You can now click to submit the command. Wow! Now it is finished successfully. You can go back and confirm your clean files back again.
To ensure security of your files, I will advise you to download and install on your computer this Malwarebytes .Now, update it by changing the default scan option (Quick scan) to "Full Scan". If the processes are not properly followed, it might show you access denied or it will not work on your storage device.


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