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All around the web, everybody speaks about high pagerank, SEO and sales, but only few a number of webmasters understand how to make the above effective. There are thousands or millions of blog posts on the internet that talk about how to get free website traffic, high pagerank and SEO scores, yet webmasters or bloggers still do not know how to make the above possible and easier. In fact, there are many posts in this blog that also talks about related topics. TRUTH: Backlink is all you need. Yeah! I could imagine the surprise look on your face. Don't worry, quickly check through our previous posts on SEO to learn more. In this post, we are talking on how to build backlinks easily. Google and other search engines drive organic traffic to your website for free, but, you have to make them work for you. The easiest way to make search engines like google to work for you is by building backlinks.
>>>Guest Blogging: Google has shown high interest in guest posting or guest blogging as it is a good way to building backlinks legally. There are many blogs online that accept guest bloggers You can find them by doing google search or post here in this blog as Loaded Spot also accepts guest blogging. Check the above menu for Guest Bloggers link.

>>>Dofollow Directories Submission: There are so many nofollow directories on the internet. If you submit to such directories, you will only get free traffic but not backlink. I will advise that you submit to dofollow directories to get both free traffic and backlinks to your website. You can quickly use loaded spot's search box to search for "Top Free Dofollow Directories With High PageRank" and submit your site to these directories for free backlinks.

>>>Press Release Submission: This works like guest blogging as these news websites also accepts guest bloggers. It should be easier for you as there are many happenings around you, both offline and online. Post a news article on something interesting and be careful not to post more than two outbound links. We also accept news article as we are making a free data base where people will seek knowledge and solution to their problems, and we need you to make this possible.

>>>Commenting On Blogs: When commenting on a blog, there are things you must avoid. Do not drop a link in your comment without a good reason. It is better that you use the provided URL box for your website link, else it will be marked as spam by google. You should always post relevant comments and you will get clean and natural backlink for free.

>>>Free Article Marketing Submission: This is also one good way to drive free traffic to your website and also get backlinks. Think of interesting topics and write articles on them, submit to top article directories with high pagerank and watch your traffic increase or grow. The problem is that, getting your written article approved is sometimes discouraging as most article directories only accept interesting, specific and relevant articles, unlike guest blogging. So, your article must be very interesting and meaningful before it can be visible to get you traffic.

>>>Commenting In Discussion Forums: Although, there are also many nofollow forums on net. Use our search box to search for "Free Dofollow Forums With High PageRank", register and comment on any of their forum's topics by manually adding your website link to your signature and submit. Very simple but useful.

Points To Remember: Organic traffic from Search Engine Optimization is very important for sales or marketing purposes, and this can be achieved by getting high SEO rankings, and SEO depends so much on backlinks.

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