How To Maintain A Pimpleless Face Naturally

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Pimples is not a contagious disease of the skin, it is natural and the best way to treat "NATURE" is to be natural. Many skin beauty companies have produced good skin products to help eliminate pimples, but that doesn't go well with all skins.

What Causes Pimples?

The oily liquid in our skins is called "SEBUM", and it is stored in the " SEBACEOUS GLAND" lying beneath our skins. And excess secretion of this causes pimples.

How Can I Reduce This Skin Oil?
 You don't find pimples on a dry skin (no excess sebum). The easiest way to give your face a smoother look is to reduce the secretion of excess sebum in your skin.

Before you bathe, dip your medicated soap in water to get it wet. Now, wet your hands too, and apply the wet medicated soap to your hands to make it bubble. Now apply it to your face (the affected areas). Allow it to dry off for at least, 30 minutes before washing. Well, I keep mine up to an hour, depending on skin type though. While you wait, heat some water but it should not boil. Just make it warm. When it is up to the set 30 minutes, then it is time to wash. Again, wet the medicated soap by dipping into water and apply to your hands. Gently and smoothly rub your soapy hands all over your face continuously, nonstop. Don't stop! Just keep rubbing over the affected place and don't allow your face to dry off, keep it wet and bubbling while your hands are working on your face. Now, notice the soap bubbles are gone and what you have looks a little dirty. It is like when you add some drops of palm oil to a soapy water and mix everything up. Yea, now you are getting it.

Now, it is time to use your warm water. After the above, dip a soft cloth or towel into your warm water and gently clean your face with the hot cloth or towel. Don't forget heat melts oil. The application of heat also helps reduce accumulation of sebum. Do this two or three times in a week. Don't do it everyday to avoid dry face.

Don't squeeze your pimples. When you do that, it leaves the dark spots on your face. The above method will help and also avoid dark spots on your face.

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