4 Beauty Tips For Living A Healthy Life

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Some people say health is wealth, and I believe there is nothing to oppose. Living a healthy life doesn't just have to do with only eating good, delicious meal. It goes beyond that. Some people have not taken any drug for  years, while some visit the pharmacy as often as they visit the rest room. Below are some health tips for you to follow.

More Water And Less Alcohol
According to Stephen Mulholland, a plastic surgeon in Toronto, says excessive alcohol consumption of alcohol - more than one or two bottles of alcohol per day- puts strain on the liver. Yes, this is right! When you drink alcohol, it does not add vitamins and minerals to you, instead, your liver works extra hard to detoxicate the alcohol in your system. This can result in dilated pores, dilated and broken capillaries, as well as the overgrowth of sweat and oil glands.

Unfortunately, this occurs most often in the face (particularly the nose), though other areas of the skin are vulnerable, too. But he still believes in the health benefits of red wine, and says one glass a day will not harm the skin, unless you suffer from Rosacea. A survey by the National Rosacea Society in the U.S. found that 76 percent of sufferers cited red wine as a trigger for flare-ups.

Exercise Regularly
According to research, if you want to build on your endurance and mind stability, aerobic exercise such as running, cycling or walking is what you need. 

Also in the McMaster study, lead researcher Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky had mice with physical characteristics comparable to a middle-aged person do 45-minute runs three times a week. Their skin became tighter, and their fur grew back and stopped turning grey. Which means that constant exercise makes you younger and active too.

Stop Squeezing pimples
I personally do not like squeezing pimples on my face as this leaves some black spots on my face. And it gives this ugly look.

Never pick at your skin, says Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue in Toronto. “Picking can cause scarring and infection,” she explains, “and the skin doesn’t heal properly.” It’s important to note that acne scarring is actually caused by picking and not the acne itself, Dr. Kellett notes. So, keep hands off for clearer and cleaner skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Dead skin cells equal dull skin tone. And by not getting rid of them, you’re sabotaging the hydrating effects of body cleansers and moisturizers as they try to “battle through” the buildup barrier. Use a body scrub about twice a week. Alternatively, try daily dry-body brushing before showering.

Using a brush or loofah mitt, buff your skin in circular motions (don’t scrub too hard), starting with the soles of your feet, then working upward on legs, front and back. Pay special attention to backs of the thighs, upper arms and hips. Of course, in the shower, you can use a nylon puff or sea sponge with your favourite body cleanser for a more gentle slough.

The above are few health beauty tips for your everyday life. Live healthy and be happy.


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