How To Generate Sales Or Leads In Affiliate Programs As An Internet Marketer Using SEO Techniques

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Online money making depends on traffic generated, but you must know that not all generated website traffic leads to sales, click through or leads generation. To make money online, what you need is not just website traffic but targeted audience.
There are many ways to make money online. The virtual world is taking over and many are generating steady income online. Some of the ways of making money on the internet are through internet affiliate programs, selling personal products or service online, blogging, etc. And also, you can earn by commission, percentage per sale, ads display, referral program or per sign up, etc. But in our today's article, we won't be talking about ways to make money online.

About 85% of organic traffic generated to a product or service page leads to sales or clickthrough. So, as a blogger or webmaster promoting an affiliate program or products or service on your blog or website, do not go for population but targeted audience. And the best way to get the right visitors to visit your product or service page is to use long tail keywords related to your products or services.

How Does This Work?
I will use myself as a potential buyer. If I search for "SEO service company" on Google or any other search engine, two things are involved, and it is either I want to buy an SEO service package from an SEO company or I want to know more about SEO service companies. 

It will be of double advantage to a blogger or website owner who has a page written about SEO service, with similar long tail keywords " SEO service" or "SEO service company" in his post, and he also displays Google AdSense. This means, I will either buy an SEO service package through this page or make a clickthrough the AdSense ads on SEO, as AdSense displays most ads based on keywords.

Where Can I Generate Long Tail Keywords For Free?

There are tens of free and paid long tail keywords tools online, but only a few are good enough to use. I personally use UberSuggest and InstaKeyWords, as they are hundred percent free to use. Though there are many good tools, but these are my favorites. In one of my next posts, I will list the best free and paid long tail keywords tools.

IN A NUTSHELL: You will need a page, blog or website to enjoy the power of long tail keywords. Do you want a blog, designed like CopyTheWeb Blog on Blogger platform? This will enable you write a post about a product or service, and also use product or service related keywords, display product or service banner in any part of your blog e.g. banners in sidebar, below post title, below post body, in page footer and so on. Connect with your targeted audience via blogging. Contact us for more info. 

I hope this was helpful enough to boost your sales online? Then help someone out there by sharing these vital pieces of info with your friends on social networks using below share buttons. 

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