How To Survive SEO In 2022 Without Depending On Backlinks

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Backlinks used to be the backbone in search engine optimization, especially when you are linked to directories or websites with high pagerank. But with Google recent updates on SEO in 2021, the relevance of directory submissions and so on has dropped drastically. Before now, it was easier to be ranked high based on quality Backlinks by Google. But now, it goes beyond just building Backlinks. 

I noticed this change when my blog with just 154 Backlinks ranked higher than my competitor's, who's having about 1,823 Backlinks, on a particular keyword search. In my discovery on 2021 SEO, if you are submitting blog or website to directories, it should be on the basis of driving traffic from directories to your website or blog, and not to build Backlinks for better SEO ranking. This means it is not all about the figure. Below are tips for your 2022 SEO:

1.)Submit  to websites with high DA
It is better to connect with few websites or blogs having high Domain Authority (DA), than with hundreds of websites with low DA. When you are recognized with the big guys, you will also be seen as a big guy.

2.) Keep blog up to date with fresh and original contents 
This is one thing Google loves so much. The main reason Google changes policies frequently is to meet up customers or audience needs. As the most popular search engine, Google wants to give its users fresh, up to date news or information, with uniqueness and quality.

3.) Use long tail keywords related to your niche
Yep! You heard me right. This is one area you must pay attention to. It plays a very big role in driving organic traffic to your website. There are many long tail keywords tools online for you to use. Remember to avoid keyword cloaking.

4.) Your contents should be long and not short
Well, you may say it lies in the quality and not in the quantity. Yes you are right, but in writing for SEO, it lies both in the quantity and quality. Short content contains less useful keywords, while long content contains more keywords. Don't forget that keywords, especially long tail keywords, are the aromas that attract search engines to your website or blog posts. So, it is safer to write long contents.

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