4 Web Hosting Tips To Improve Your SEO

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When we talk about SEO, most  webmasters have their understanding limited to creating  effective in-bound links and high   quality  and  authoritative   contents.  If you ask me, I would say all these features are also important for a successful SEO campaign. However, one must not forget that  without  a good web   hosting service  provider, all   these  efforts  become  useless or less effective. In   other word,    your  choice  of a  web   hosting company can either break or  make  your SEO  and Internet    marketing    initiatives.  Below are some    of the web hosting    tips    that can   help     improve your   SEO:
1. Admin Or Control Panel
An imperative area one needs to consider when choosing a web hosting provider should be on the quality and features of its user admin panel. An admin panel is usually a user control panel with multiple features and tools built to promote SEO. The best web hosting services come with an admin control panel that formats the sites code to look friendly to SEO bots, with an aim to improving site rwill

Also, admin control panels offer open source content management tools and features that seamlessly integrate with external SEO applications. I will recommend that the web hosting service of your choice should come with features that automatically insert title tags and meta tags on each website page, for better SEO. Also, SEO web apps that are compatible with the admin control panel should be easily downloaded to automate your SEO strategy. For example, you can install web apps that will allow you to easily post or share your website contents to social bookmarking websites. This has the effect of generating valuable in-backlinks that will increase your page rankings.
2. Shared vs Single Hosting Services
Most website hosting provider's offer shared web hosting services that allow a multitude of users with unique domain names to feature on a single IP address, while still sharing the same bandwidth and data storage space. Hosting services that attach single domains to an IP address are more effective for SEO purposes. This is because search engines algorithms, such as Google, factor in page loading speeds and site performance when assigning page ranking. Nevertheless this feature is more important to ecommerce sites and domains that require huge data storage space to accommodate their multimedia features. On the other hand, sharing an IP address that hosts spammer websites can have a negative effect on your SEO campaign. The effects are more adverse especially in instances where your website shares an IP address with numerous spammer or non-legitimate sites.
3. Server Reliability
This is one important aspect of web hosting you must consider first before choosing a provider. A web hosting with a server that frequently experiences downtime can have disastrous effects on your SEO campaign. During downtime periods, potential site visitors are hampered from accessing your site - similar situation occurs for search engine bots. It is important to note that in case server downtime occurs occasionally, it may have limited effect on your site ranking. However, in instances where search engine bots repeatedly experience site downtime, your search engine rankings are bound to drop significantly since your site is viewed as unreliable. So, be very observant.
4. Geographical Location of Hosting Company's Servers
As earlier pointed out, the domain assigned by your web hosting company is attached to an IP address. An IP address indicates the location of the FTP hosting server. For instance, if your web hosting provider server is located in England, Google will assume that your website caters primarily to England's Internet users. Nevertheless other factors, such as language utilized on the site, have an influence on how Google prioritizes search engine results based on location. On the other hand this problem can easily be resolved by optimizing your content with geo-tags. Geo tagging involves the process of inserting your web content with geographical keywords.
Now you can improve your SEO with the above tips and expect the best result.

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