How to enable Tamper Protection feature in Windows 10

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Microsoft has released Tamper Protection, a new security feature that protects Windows Defender antivirus security settings from being disabled by malware or third-party apps. With the increasing number of security threats and the need to maintain your antivirus software up to date in order to keep your machine safe from viruses, Microsoft has launched Tamper Protection for its customers' protection. With this function activated, your Windows 10 PC should be safe from cyber-attacks.

You should be aware that, unlike other antivirus programs, this feature has limits. Tamper Protection will only allow you to change Windows Defender-related settings from the Windows Security settings panel. And this is only possible if you enable it. If malware or even PowerShell tries to change your security settings or Microsoft Defender preferences without your permission, Tamper Protection will instantly prevent the changes. Tamper Protection is an important feature of Windows 10 security for this reason and function, and all users should enable it for increased security and protection against cybersecurity threats.

How to enable Tamper Protection feature in Windows 10
Please follow the steps below to enable the Tamper Protect function in Windows 10:

- From the Windows Start Menu, type Windows Security into the search box and choose Windows Security when it appears in the results.

- When Windows Security appears, select Virus and Threat Protection.
- Scroll down the Virus & Threat Protection screen until you find Virus & Threat Protection Settings, then choose the Manage settings option.
- To enable this feature, scroll down to where it says "Tamper Protect" and click the toggle switch.
You've completed the task! The Windows Security window can now be closed.

Your Windows Defender settings will be protected against malicious changes now that Tamper Protection is enabled.

How To Enable Tamper Protection With Non-Microsoft Antivirus Software 

If you install non-Microsoft antivirus software on your computer, Microsoft will recognize it as your antivirus provider, and Windows Defender will be disabled. Tamper Protection and other functions will be deactivated as a result of this. Microsoft treats third-party antivirus differently. However, if you want to enable Tamper Protection while running a third-party antivirus program on your computer, follow the procedures below: 

- As explained in the previous step, find your Virus & Threat Protection options. The third-party antivirus software you're using will be displayed when the screen is launched. Select Windows Defender Antivirus from the drop-down menu. 

- When you click it, a toggle will appear asking if you want to run "Windows Defender antivirus" on a regular basis. When you click to enable this setting, you'll gain access to the rest of the Windows Security options, including the Tamper Protection function. 
Now follow the step 3 in the above section to finish enabling Tamper Protection feature. Enjoy and share with friends.

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  1. Thanks for this useful tutorial on windows 10 security. Just what I wanted.

  2. You are welcome. I am glad you found what you wanted.

  3. Hey Owenayuk ,

    Informative post with effective tips to enable and activate the Tamper protection feature in window-10. Also thanks for making us aware about this window-10
    security feature.

    Enabling the Tamper protection feature on window-10 is truly necessary to secure the system. As this helpful feature helps user to safeguard the security settings for window defender antivirus from getting disabled by malware or any 3rd-party programs.

    Your each of the suggested steps to activate the Tamper protection feature on window-10 are so crucial, easy to understand and follow, whereas following the steps will be helpful for several users.

    Truly informative post and thanks for sharing.


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