How To Have A Wrinkle-Free And Fresh Skin With The Use Of Egg White

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I personally, do not like the smell of raw egg. But the health benefits of using raw egg on your skin is making me think twice. I had the privilege of having a chat with Nigerian girl, who had a glittering, fresh and tender skin. I fell in love with her soft looking and shining skin (I just hope my wife isn't reading this). I was curious to know the secret to her fresh and soft looking skin. When I asked her, she only said two words to me, "Egg white". Ha! I could imagine the look on your face when you read those words.

We know that the Egg white is the part that is rich in proteins. And these proteins are very essential to our skin. There are many ways to take these proteins into our body, but today, we are doing this another way. Skincare or skin beauty treatment comes in different ways. You can also use vegetables, fruit and so on. But in our today's post, we will be using egg white.


1.) To get rid of puffiness and dark circles, use a soft brush to apply the egg white around the eyes area. Wait for it to dry and then rinse with cold or normal temperature water.

2.) To remove wrinkles and make face look soft and fresh: Just apply the egg white all over your face, before bath, and allow to dry off. Then, wash off with water and soap, but no use of sponge. Do this for one week.

3.) To make the whole body look soft, tender and smooth: Mix your egg white with your pomade or skincare lotion. Apply this all over your body after bathing, just as you would, with your normal body lotion after bathing. 

Discover the power of egg white on the skin.


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