6 Things You Must Do To Make Money Online As A Blogger

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     There are millions of blogs online, but not all are making money online. Some bloggers are driven by passion, and others by purpose. Many blogs are abandoned as a result of no revenue generated over time. Most of these blogs are owned by the purpose driven bloggers. It's like knowing something rewarding is in blogging, but with all your energy and time invested, you are still not getting anything meaningful out of blogging. And then, you abandon your blog, with the conviction that there's nothing like earning a living through blogging. The question you should ask yourself is, "are bloggers really making money?" If it is YES then there is something you are not getting right. I will advise you learn from the professionals.

     I know of a lady who earns thousands of dollars through blogging. There are high earners in blogging. At least, I can use myself as an example. I have made some dollars as a blogger. And in this article, I am going to tell you some steps you need to follow to start making money online as a blogger. Before we go further, it is important you know your niche. Do not be Jack of all trade and master of none. This will enable you target the right audience. Driving targeted traffic to your blog is where the money lies. You need to keep those traffic coming. But how can you get the right audience when you don't focus on the type of niche they are looking for. Read your readers before they read you.

     Below are 6 things you must do to make money online as a blogger:
1.) Blog Design : Do you want to make blogging a business? Give your business a unique look. This will play a big role in the way your readers or audience will treat your blog. You can either choose to make your audience your fans or your visitors. Blog visitors do not care how your blog design looks like. They are only after the pieces of information your blog carries. Such category of audience might not come back again after reading an article. But fans will love your blog, not only for what it has to proffer, but for what it is (professional, elegant and classy). Design your blog to look professional, elegant and classy. Some fans will love your blog because of the professional look. Some will love its elegance. And others will love its classic look. Don't forget that fans can help share your blog or post(s) with their friends on social media. This means more website traffic, more money for you.
2.) Good Contents: Blogs are known for contents, and only blogs with good contents are ranked high. Blogs with high ranking are given good online reputation. Google and other search engines love blogs with fresh and good contents, as search engines want to display useful or good contents to their searchers. And if you are the lazy blogger (like me), at least try to update your blog two times a week.
3.) The Use Of KeyWords:  This plays an important role in content creation. Without keywords in your created content, it is almost irrelevant. It is like a sound without a message in it. It appears like a noise. Keywords explain your message better to your readers and also to search engines. It is important you make your article self marketing. This is where the use of Long Tail Keywords comes in. Google loves such keywords. The click through generated from organic traffic gives huge earnings. These are the kind of clicks AdSense loves. One of such click can yield $50 or more for you. There are long tail keywords tools you can use as a blogger to generate long tail keywords for your article. Apply some useful keywords to your post title and contents. Avoid keywords cloaking. Do not cloud your contents with keywords.
4.) Build Backlinks: Link juice is very good for your blog. It is very important you have your blog URL listed on other sites legally. This can be done by submitting your blog to dofollow directories, social bookmarking websites, social websites and so on. Do this, if you want to drive crazy traffic to your blog.
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5.) Better Ad Or AdSense Placement:  In blogging, there are steps a blogger must follow first before you start talking about how to make money online. These are the first 4 steps above. After accomplishing these steps, you can now apply for AdSense. If you already have an AdSense account, there are ways to place AdSense code for more click through. You can place your 250x250, or 300x250 Ad below post title, skyscraper Ad in sidebar, 728x90 Ad in header and Ad text below post body. These positions are very friendly.
6.) Accept Sponsored Content Or Advertisements:  This is another good way of making more money online as a blogger. If you can follow the first four steps mentioned above, you definitely will get proposals to either sponsor a content on your blog, place a link in your blog or advertise a product or service on your blog and get paid for it. For example, BlogMeLoud also has some sponsored contents. Remember never to indicate a post as a sponsored content. Google is against that.
     I hope with these tips, you will now blog professionally and earn some money. Don't be greedy with such helpful article. Share with your friends on social networks. Help someone out there.

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