4 SEO Tactics That Still Work In 2021

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     Search engine optimization is what every online business needs to grow or increase its brand, product or service visibility online. And today, we will be talking about some effective and still working SEO practices every blog owner or webmaster should know in 2020. With constant policy updates from some search engines, one needs to know which tactics are still working. During this process, many websites traffic are affected. In a situation like this, you are either expected to re-strategize or continue.
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     With SEO tactics, you can learn how to rank your page #1 on Google search and attract or drive huge organic traffic to your website or blog for free. Don't forget you need to drive high quality, targeted and engaged readers or audience to your website or blog, before you can 100% guarantee income or revenue generation with your blog contents as a blogger. This is where SEO comes in. Mathematically, #1 on Google search = organic traffic = revenue or income. In other words, SEO is all you need to be successful with your online business. Below is how to make it happen:


1.) Write relevant contents with at least 2,000 words
This is one important SEO tactic that many do not know. The more words you use in your created contents, the more detailed and solution rendering your contents will be and the more relevant keywords you are likely to have in your contents. Google as a search engine, loves articles with more words and the above are some of the reasons. Also, do not copy and paste your contents. Make it freshly written and original. You will definitely be rewarded by Google with website traffic for being original with your contents.

2.) Add relevant keywords or long tail keywords to your contents    

Keywords is the life of a content and long tail keywords are like oxygen to your contents too. A content or article without keywords is like a life without a purpose. I just want to throw more light to how important keywords are. Keywords or long tail keywords are the main determining factor to make your blog or website appear on search engines. And when you are ranked high with your keywords, you then stand the chance of being ranked #1 on Google search. There are top free keywords tools online you can use to search for keywords you can rank for. Remember this, it is advisable you go for keywords with low competition but with high search volume. If you can be ranked for such keywords, you will rule the internet. Below are some of the best keywords tools you can use to conduct your keywords research: Instakeywords, UberSearch, SpyFu, Google keyword planner, SemRush, etc. And please avoid keyword cloaking.

 3.) Create relevant backlinks and also link to internal pages    

In my previous articles on how to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog I remember I also explained on how to create backlinks and rank high on Google,
so do not forget to create relevant backlinks and link only with websites or blogs with high domain authority or pagerank. Also, link with only websites that operate same niche or similar niche with you e.g. If your site is about technology, it is advisable you don't link with another site on entertainment. Only link with your kind. About linking to internal pages, examples are the above clickable references I made about targeted traffic and backlinks. When linking to internal pages, remember to use relevant long tail keywords in your anchor texts to boost your SEO.  

4.) Make your website or blog to be Mobile-friendly     

  Believe me, internet is going mobile already. We are in the smartphones era and from my personal observation, I would say about 85% of United States internet surfers are smartphones users. This means, about 75% of daily generated website traffic are from mobile users. For this reason, I would say it is very important that you optimize your blog or website for mobile. This can be done by simply making its pages load faster across all mobile phones or devices, website or blog contents should fit all mobile devices perfectly. In cases like these, you are advised to use responsive web design, so that your code can be served evenly to all devices without error and extra load.  

Although, there are more working SEO tactics you can use to boost your online business, but these few listed ones are confirmed and really bringing quick results to my two months old domain name. Try them out and also check this blog for more useful SEO tips for your website.

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  1. Thanks for the SEO tips. I must confess I've rather given up on making a huge amount of effort on SEO, but making your site mobile friendly is absolutely essential.

    Joy Healey - Blogging After Dark

  2. Oh yes Joy, it is very imperative you go mobile with your site. Work on your mobile SEO and you will see how your online business visibility will skyrocket.

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