How To Stay Incognito And Also Read Deleted Messages On Your WhatsApp

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Today on CopyTheWeb, we will be talking about an android app that enables you read a deleted message on WhatsApp and also helps you read WhatsApp messages without notifying the sender that you have read the message(s). With this app, you can also view statuses and download or save to your phone. 

Imagine your crush sent you a WhatsApp message while you were offline. But too shy to let you read it, decided to delete the message. Don't go to view the message on your WhatsApp. Quickly head to this app and view the WhatsApp message on the app. You will find the deleted message waiting for you to read. Also, imagine you want to stay unnoticed on WhatsApp for some reason. On this app, you can read all your messages on WhatsApp and the messages will not tick or mark blue to indicate you have read them. 

Notisave is the app that can answer all these calls with no sweat. This free android app can also gather your Facebook and other notifications for you to view. Below are illustrative photos of how you can install the app, with settings for you.


=> Visit the Google Playstore and in the search box, search for Notisave.

=> Click to view the first option. On this page, click to install the app. After a successful installation, click to "Open" the installed app.

=> On this page, click on "Next". On the next page, also click on "Next" again. 

=> After the above step, you will get the below popup. Click on "Allow".

=> On this page below, click on "Next".

=> Now, you need to enable the NOTISAVE app. Tab the circled toggle to do this. When this is enabled, the toggle will turn blue. Now leave this page by clicking the back arrow in the above left corner of the page.

=> Tab "Allow" to grant this app access to your media files.  

=> Click the "Next" button below to proceed. 

=> To get Notisave working smoothly,  you are to disable all apps listed on this page. So, tab the circled toggle. Now, follow the message in the second image. It is self explanatory. After the second photo, follow the instructions in the third photo. 

=> And here we go! It is all served and ready to be eaten. 

I hope all the above answers your needs. If you have question or any thing to contribute, please use the comment box below.

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