How To Treat Flu With This Homemade Remedy

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Due to Covid-19, we talk only little  about  many sicknesses that once upon a time, were of major concerns. Coronavirus hit the world so hard that many countries are still struggling to stand, both financially and in other ways. With many variants of this virus out there, Delta and Omicron, people are already mistaking Flu for Coronavirus. This I believe, is due to the similitude in some of their symptoms. Influenza is a respiratory sickness, same with Covid and both are contagious. 

According to CDC, Influenza or Flu and Coronavirus share similar symptoms e.g. 

Fever or the sensation of a fever/chills


Breathing problems such as shortness of breath

Insomnia (tiredness) or fatigue 

Stomach ache

A stuffy or runny nose is a common occurrence

Body pains or muscle pain


Diarrhoea and vomit

Although this is more common with COVID-19, there may be a change in taste or loss of smell. 

You might be asking, what is the difference between flu and Covid-19? Even with the large similarities between them, they also have huge differences. For example:   

>>> When the Influenza virus is contracted, it takes shorter time,  1 to 4 days, to notice the symptoms. But for Covid-19, when the virus is contracted, it can take 2 to 14 days to notice the symptoms. 

>>> Flu can be treated easily at home but when Covid virus is contracted, it can lead to hospitalization and as it stands, it has no cure yet.  

>>> There are vaccines for both Flu and Covid-19 that are FDA approved. But the vaccine for Flu is more effective than the vaccine for Covid. 

I just want want you to understand that, for now, there is no Homemade remedy for Covid and also no confirmed drugs for this virus. 

Treatment for Flu or Influenza 

You should know, this homemade remedy is not FDA approved, but it is effective. In early January 2022, my friend in the United States, caught a Flu after her trip to Tennessee. I did a video call with her and I saw she wasn't feeling too good. When she told me how she was feeling, at first I thought she had contracted the Covid virus. But she told me, for a long time now, she has not had her Flu vaccine. So, I gave her my special homemade recipe for Flu. 

She did not go to the hospital and she did not take any drugs. Just the herbs, in two days time, she was 100% ok. 

- 1 Lipton tea bag 

- 2 Lemon wedge, depending on size 

- Garlic (2 or 3) 

- Boiled water 


Wash your garlic and lemon. Chop your garlic and cut your lemon in wedges. In your boiled water, add your Lipton tea bag, crushed garlic and 1lemon. Squeeze the second lemon wedge into the teapot and also add the squeezed lemon wedge into the teapot. Allow for at least 3 minutes. Now, while you sip your tea, also chew the remaining garlic 

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(2). Do this in the morning and evening, 1 hour to your meal.  

After two days, you definitely will see improvement with your health. Also, don't forget to share your testimony here on Copytheweb. Stay safe 😁😁😁

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