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Before we proceed, I will like to answer the question, what is a control panel? A control panel is a software application that allows you to manage your server and website. You use a cloud-based control panel to manage several different aspects of your network, including hardware and software configuration, security policies, and more. Cloud-based control panels offer several benefits over traditional on-premise solutions—they're easy to set up, cost-effective (when compared with traditional enterprise systems), secure (since they are hosted by third parties), and scalable as needed for growth opportunities.

What is a Cloud Control Panel? 

A cloud control panel is an online interface that allows you to monitor and control your server or website. Cloud control panels are often used by businesses to manage their servers, websites, and other IT systems. They’re also helpful for small businesses that want to take advantage of the flexibility of cloud computing without having to invest in expensive hardware or software licenses.

Cloud-based control panels offer many benefits over traditional onsite options including:

  • Scalability - You can add more servers as needed without having to worry about buying new hardware or setting up additional servers in your office space; this makes it easy for businesses with large needs (like media companies) but not enough budget

  • Flexibility - You don't have any long-term commitments when using these types of services because they're available 24/7 so there's no need for downtime during critical hours; however if something goes wrong then just log into another server instead!

Why Use a Cloud-Based Control Panel?

Cloud-based control panels are popular with small businesses because they are easy to set up, require little maintenance and have a low cost of ownership.

Cloud-based control panels can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. This allows users to manage their server environment from anywhere in the world, even if they don't have access to IT support or networking equipment (such as routers).


OpenLiteSpeed's CyberPanel web server control panel is an improved version of OpenLiteSpeed. CyberPanel makes managing SSL for new domains and virtual hosts easy. Additionally, the lscache module is activated by default, enabling users to cache their pages.

Additionally, CyberPanel offers one-click installation for WordPress and Joomla. With CPanel, you can create websites, manage domains, organize web files, and create email accounts.

Unlike other control panels that use Apache or NGINX, CyberPanel includes OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise, two control panels designed with speed in mind.


  • Single-click SSL 

  • Simple SSL Mod Security

  • Single Click LiteSpeed Cache and WordPress Installation

  • Power DNS

  • DNS Power FTP Server

  • PHPMyAdmin

  • Different User Levels

  • Server for email (Rainloop)

  • Managed Files

  • Firewall 

  • The Git Manager Firewall

  • 1 click Backup and restoration

  • CSF

  • MailScanner

  • Stage Your Website


An online graphical user interface (GUI) called CPanel is used to administer servers and websites. You can publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more with CPanel. In the US, CPanel is one of the most popular control panels. Several web hosting companies offer CPanel as part of their hosting packages.

There are two interfaces in CPanel (WHM): the Web Host Manager server administration interface and the cPanel user interface.

 With this combination, users can manage their websites, while hosting firms can manage their servers.


  • File management.

  • Features for simple email.

  • Control a reliable database.

  • built-in integration with third parties.

  • Easy to Install

  • Domain management.

  • dependability as well as portability.


You can easily manage your apps and websites with Plesk's powerful control panel. Despite its complexity, it provides an easy-to-use interface with all the features necessary to maintain even the trickiest websites.

Furthermore, a built-in code editor allows for instant file editing.

Vultr offers a user-friendly control panel that allows users to quickly deploy new instances, choose the server's OS, specify its location, and perform other tasks using Plesk.


  • Toolkit SE for WordPress

  • Management of subscriptions.

  • CMS Assistance

  • File Management.

  • Hosting of email.

  • Database Support.

  • Integration of a control panel.

  • Integration of e-commerce.

  • Tools for security


CloudPages manages cloud servers using an easy-to-use but effective control interface.

The CloudPages website management system is a SaaS-based service. Even though CloudPages is primarily designed for WordPress-based websites, it can be used to administer any PHP-based website.

It is simple enough for someone without technical knowledge to use. You can easily install and maintain your web applications using this management panel.


  • WordPress Manager

  • Bubblewrap.

  • Recaptcha.

  • Mod Security

  • Firewall.

  • Git Manager.

  • a number of PHPs.

  • Staging with one click.

  • One-click SSL is free.

  • File Manager.

  • Manage PHP.

  • Team Management.

  • server load is reported.


A web-based server management solution called RunCloud allows organizations to manage websites and apps built with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Code Ignitor, WordPress, and others. It has features such as atomic deployment, activity logging, site login, password management, and IP whitelisting.

A network engineer can configure SSH, add a name or provider, relocate a server, and configure IP addresses. RunCloud's integrated file management module allows employees to add, delete, rename, and modify permissions for files and folders.


  • Atomic deployment of Git.

  • Check the server's health.

  • WordPress Installation.

  • staging for WordPress sites.

  • server load is reported.

  • several PHP.

  • Backups.

  • single-click SSL

  • Manage files.

  • Cron tasks.

  • Version CLI.


Vesta has a simple, lightweight interface that puts performance ahead of more complicated features like multi-server configurations. With its Nginx-based web panel interface, users, websites, DNS, mail accounts/servers, databases, cron tasks, backups, IP addresses, and other things can all be controlled easily. In the panel, you will also find detailed graphs and statistics to help you track the effectiveness of your website.

Vesta's core is open source and includes Bash, the preferred native programming language for Linux server managers. There are now 381 commands in the console's command list. Vesta can create new features and fix problems quickly because of bash and GPL.


  • Computerized High Performance (HPC).

  • Firewall.

  • DNS assistance

  • support for web servers

  • Email assistance.

  • FTP

  • Database, and traffic management

What functions may a control panel perform?

  • Manage users and permissions 

  • Manage files and directories

  • Manage databases

  • Manage email accounts, including spam filters and virus protection

  • Back up your website's MySQL database to ensure it stays in good shape during a server outage or other unexpected event.

  • Keep track of DNS zones (for example, so that each site listed here can be accessed by people who are logged into the control panel's admin account through a single URL shared with all other domains hosted on the same server(s). This helps prevent users from having trouble connecting to their favorite sites when they're trying to log in from work or school computers using different IP addresses than those used when accessing them directly from home devices powered by Google Fiber Internet service providers (ISPs).

Is it Cost-Effective?

The costs of managing servers and websites are high. You have to pay for the hardware, software, and support staff that is required for the maintenance of these systems. If you have been using an in-house control panel, it will be more costly to switch over to cloud-based management software than an in-house system.

The best cloud-based control panel should be cost-effective because it can save your company money on IT expenses by not having any extra hardware or server costs associated with managing them manually by yourself or hiring other people who do not understand how they work at all!


Security is one of the most important aspects of a control panel. The best control panels have a range of security features including SSL certificates, firewalls, and anti-virus software. They also must be PCI compliant, which means they can't store data on your server without encrypting it first.

If you're looking for a cloud-based system that will help you manage your servers and websites, then look no further than our list below!

Setup and Recovery Timeline?

How long it takes to set up a server depends on the type of hardware you are using. If you are using servers that have been pre-configured and optimized, then it will take less time. However, if you have to configure your own hardware configuration, then this can take much more time than expected.

Once you have installed your system into production mode and tested everything properly, there are two types of recovery timelines:

  • Recovery Time Frame (RTF): The RTF is the amount of time required for a disaster recovery plan to restore service after an interruption or failure in order for clients not directly impacted by the such incident(s). It includes both planned outages due to scheduled maintenance activities as well as unplanned outages due to “unforeseeable events” like natural disasters etc…

Quality of Support?

Quality of support is critical to the success of your server and website. If you are looking for a control panel that provides high-quality support, then you need to look at Cloud-Based Control Panels.

The main types of support provided by these cloud-based control panels include:

  • Email

  • Phone (Local)

  • Live Chat

The Best Control Panels on the Market Today

Cloud-based control panels are a great option for managing servers and websites. They provide a variety of features, including security, performance, and cost savings. The right cloud-based control panel to fit your needs depends on what you want to accomplish with your server or website.

Some of the most popular features include:

Choosing the right control panel is critical to the success of your server and website.

Choosing the right control panel is critical to the success of your server and website. There are many options to choose from, but all of them are great! You can't go wrong with any of them.

If you're not sure which one is best for you, it's probably a good idea to ask some friends or colleagues what they think about different cloud-based control panels before making any final decisions on which one will work best for your needs.


The cloud-based control panel market is a fast-growing one, with many companies offering a variety of features to help you manage your servers and websites. The most important thing to remember when choosing a control panel is that it should be something that suits your needs, so don’t feel like you have to use all the options available. There are some great options out there that allow you complete flexibility over how they work while still giving you access to all the information needed for managing these services properly.

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