How To Block Ads, Popups And Apps On Your Android Smartphone

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I understand how annoying this can be, to have unwanted ads displayed on your Android Smartphone screen. Most of these ads are displayed as pop-ups or recommend apps and these are the main carriers of malware. Actually, these ads don't show up on just any part of your Android device but on those free Android apps you are using. This is how the app developers or owners generate money. In the case where it is becoming annoying, that is where we need tutorial on how to block malicious and unwanted ads. Although, there are many ways to block malicious and annoying ads and apps on your smartphone but this trick is more effective. Today's tutorial will be very brief and simple. 

Many Xiaomi smartphone users have challenge blocking ads. The good news is that this tutorial will also help you block unwanted ads or pop-ups on your Xiaomi Android devices.

How To Block Unwanted Pop-ups And Ads On Android 
The trick works on all smartphones. Imagine visiting some websites like FZmovies and others with annoying ads display and can't find any pop-ups ads or malware. Won't that be great. Let's see how we can make that happen with the below tricks. Since all Android phones have SETTING, then we should have no problem following the below steps: 

>> Go to your phone setting

>> Locate Connection And Sharing and click on it. 

>> On the new page, choose the Private DNS option 

>> Now click on Private DNS Provider Hostname 

>> In the provided box, type and click to save.

CONCLUSION: One thing is certain, every problem has a solution. And if you have not gotten a solution to your problem does not mean the solution is not out there. Don't forget that Sharing is Caring! By sharing this trick to you shows that I care. Now, you have to share this article with friends and family. Save someone the stress! Please let's hear your testimony in the comment section below 😁😁😁

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